Availability, and security of cloud services

Mobile Workforce Management usually runs through a cloud
Afraid of the cloud ?

The demands on productivity and speed in service companies have risen sharply in recent years. Companies are confronted with increasing dynamic competition. A hand-held software in the cloud helps companies respond to this change and streamline workflows.

What is the cloud?
Cloud is the external provision of software solutions: The software provider runs their software on an external server instead of installing it on their local computer. The original term for such external software solutions is actually SaaS (Software as a Service).
The vendor takes care of regular security updates, corrects errors and guarantees the availability of the server through a service level agreement (eg mobile field report (mfr) has a guaranteed 24-hour daily availability of 99.50%). 
Running your customer service software over a cloud has some advantages and disadvantages, which I would like to explain in more detail below.

The fright of the cloud

However, many companies are frightened by softwares in the cloud. This has various reasons, which are mainly fed by fears:

  • Anxiety to lose control of your data. The NSA scandal and various cyber hacking incidents have already caused some excitement.
  • Fear of violating data protection. Even if data is handed over to a cloud provider, the responsibility for data protection remains entirely with your company.
  • Fear of availability bottlenecks in their craft software. There is (usually) more control over your own server.

These fears are quite understandable. However, there are differences between the cloud providers and therefore also between their reliability. In general, a serious and secure cloud provider must be certified and have the capacities for a comprehensive security system.

That's why we are using mobile field report on the certified cloud provider Microsoft Azure.

Efficient and mobile work through a cloud

Thanks to an improved concept and increased Internet speed, the cloud is increasingly replacing old software solutions. There are some advantages for users of cloud solutions:

  • You no longer have to install and update your software on a computer in your office. This saves server costs and any other internal IT infrastructure that they have to provide exclusively for the software solution (backup server, etc.). * The cloud provider takes care of data security and data protection.
  • You can work around-the-clock and non-stop from overlaus, whether from PC, Tablet, Laptop or Smartphone.
  • Cloud solutions are usually cheaper than traditional software applications, as the operator saves the cost of distributing the software.
  • The usage-dependent billing offers an opportunity, especially for small craft enterprises, to improve their liquidity.
  • The high flexibility gives you the opportunity to react faster to changing market conditions. Because a cloud contract (SLA) can be terminated quickly, regardless of whether suddenly high special depreciation for any IT equipment is incurred.
  • All your employees can always access the latest information about a job because all information is constantly synchronized.

So far, you should have everything you need to switch to a cloud-based craft software. Do not hesitate to contact our mfr team at any time.

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