Smart Field Service Management

Redefine your service, exceed your goals.

Start to think customer centric and implement excellent service processes with mfr.
With our cloud software solutions for field service management, you can boost performance, customer satisfaction and grow your business.

600+ companies and 8000+ technicians successfully rely on mfr®

Redefine your field service

Where traditional software solutions are complex and slow, our powerful and easy-to-use cloud solution helps you and your office and field staff optimally manage and execute all tasks and challenges.
Set new standards and develop your company into an innovative workplace and service provider.

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Optimize service quality

Increase the quality and reliability of your service team and gain more control through forward planning and organization.

Increase productivity

The right digital tools for every task: Automated and time-saving workflows boost your employees' performance.

Maximize revenue and growth

Sustainable success is built on data. With mfr, you always have all key performance indicators (KPIs) in view and can concentrate fully on managing your company or service team.

With mfr, we can map the entire process of digital order processing for faults and projects, resulting in real-time order processing and maximum transparency. This enables us to serve our customers in a much more transparent and professional manner through mfr.

Jörg Schwerdtner

Head of Operations vitronet Projekte GmbH
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