Time tracking

Complex digital time recording without great effort.

Digital time tracking

Time tracking is an important part in each company. With mfr this is not a lot of bureaucracy. Record your employees' working and break times systematically with the mfr app, via the online portal, our digital time clock or the app.

Time tracking in the app

The mfr app offers you multi-layered time recording.

Factory time
When you start your working day, you start the factory time in the app. The factory time records your workday and runs constantly until you finish recording it.

Working time
Working time is the time you spend working on an assignment. It is started in a job and finished when you complete the job. If you take a break, the working time recording can be paused and the break time is recorded.

Breaks and other time events
Breaks and other time events can be manually added to the time recording and include a comment function.

Travel time & distance
You can enter travel times automatically using the Add-on "GPS tracking and logbook" or manually in the app.

Detailed time table

Time tracking in the portal

You can also track your working time in the mfr portal and add working time, travel time or factory time manually.

Evaluate recorded times

In the portal, you can view the time tracking of all employees in the tools under "Time tracking" and conveniently download it as an Excel file. Statistics on the individual time events of the month are also available for each employee.

Digital time clock

Whether on the construction site or in the office: for all employees who do not use mfr but still need to record time, we have a digital time clock.
Using a QR code, your employees log into your digital time clock with their smartphone or tablet and can easily start and stop their time recording.

The time tracking and digital time clock can also be used as a separate product independently of mfr.


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