mfr® Field Service Management

Field Service Management Software & App

Organize Service, Installation, Maintenance, and Repair in a simple, digital, and precise way. Bring transparency to the field and equip your technicians with a tool for knowledge, data, and documentation. This allows you to maximise your service-related revenue.

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Make it a service

The future is customer-centric. No matter your business, transforming it into a service can enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue. However, this strategy is only effective if your field service team operates reliably and efficiently, maintaining high-quality standards. This can be achieved through lean processes and the right software.

Up to 35% improved productivity

Typically, technicians spend up to 40% of their productive time each day on non-value-adding activities such as manual timesheets or analog documentation. With mfr and efficient processes, this can be significantly reduced down to a few minutes per day.

Save costs strategically

With mfr, you can balance your resources, dispatch dynamically, react in real-time, and optimize routes. This allows jobs to be completed quickly and efficiently, saving costs in various strategic areas.

Improve customer experience

Make your field service operations not only profitable, but also a customer experience that increases customer satisfaction. Break free from silos and start collaborating in real-time across all interfaces.

Make it a seamless service process. Start now!

Realize lean Field Service Management

The mfr® Field Service Management Software allows you to implement digital, streamlined processes and optimized standards within your company.
Gain full overview and control over all data and processes, so you can steer your team through clearly defined workflows.
With the right tools, you can increase the satisfaction of your employees and customers as well as the performance of your company.
This approach will allow you to easily achieve your goals and KPIs.

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Higher first-time-fix-rate

If the service technician resolves all tasks on the first attempt, it saves both you and your customers time and money.
With accurate scheduling and resource planning, your service technicians receive all necessary information on their mobile devices, allowing them to prepare optimally for each working day.

Real-time control

In dynamic field service management, time is a crucial factor. Optimal decisions and quick reactions are possible only when you and your employees and even partners have real-time access to information.

Automated workflows

Technicians can enhance their productivity by up to 40% using mfr®. This tool not only simplifies your employees' daily tasks but also boosts their satisfaction levels.
We focus on simplifying and automating non-value-adding workflows, and on enhancing the structure and efficiency of internal services and service technicians.

Tools for back office and dispatchers

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Manage work orders and tasks online

Manage your orders, projects, and tasks online with mfr®. When all components work in harmony, every operation proceeds smoothly.
Whether handling simple service orders, complex service orders, or automated maintenance orders, mfr®'s order management allows even untrained employees to work efficiently right away.
All master data, asset information, and contract details are visible, enabling reliable maintenance of SLAs.

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A.I. resource and route planning

With planning resources and optimizing routes, you can proactively and flexibly schedule and dispatch your internal and external service technicians, subcontractors, partner and mobile resources.

Whether done manually or automatically, AI support enables your employees to plan and schedule service orders and resources, such as service technicians, vehicles, materials, and tools, efficiently. Real-time oversight and control allow for short reaction cycles, enabling immediate assistance.

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Automated maintenance planning

Plan and schedule your maintenance automatically with our smart maintenance planner. Set maintenance intervals and our software will automatically create maintenance orders from templates when due, and send A.I. optimized appointment suggestions to your customers.
Scaling your maintenance business has never been easier.

Tools for efficient field service operations

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Mobile Field Service App

Our intuitive technician app ensures that your field service is always well prepared for the assignment. It provides easy access to all documents, customer and asset information on a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, it ensures the necessary parts are readily available in the vehicle. This results in a high first-time-fix-rate and consistently high service quality.
By connecting internal service, field technicians, and customers in realtime, everyone stays informed and up-to-date.
The app's user-friendly design allows for uncomplicated time tracking and detailed documentation.
Thanks to the offline function, technicians can work anytime, anywhere.

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Digital checklists and service reports

mfr® stands out for its mobile checklists and checklist editor.
This feature allows work instructions, data recording, and parts and materials for an order to be structured clearly in the form of checklists for field service.
Technicians receive clear, step-by-step instructions in the app on how to complete tasks and collect data. The data is displayed in real-time in the office.
This data can then be used to generate detailed service reports onsite and for fast invoicing.

One of the biggest problems in field service operations is the dissatisfaction caused by different levels of knowledge of the parties involved. We have minimized this situation through the use of mfr. Jörg Schwerdtner Head of Operations

vitronet Projekte GmbH

Improve customer satisfaction and retention

Focus on transparent communication and actively involve your customers with automatic notifications and personalized information in real time.
With mfr®, you can ensure that your customers consistently have excellent experiences with your customer service and service technicians.

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Real-time information

Answer all your customer's questions about an order with real-time insight into the status and location of the service technician.
Send targeted information for specific actions, appointment suggestions, or digital offers, service reports, and invoices by email to your customers.

Excellent on-site service

Technicians can access a knowledge database on the move or chat with colleagues to ensure the best service on site in any situation.

Don't waste time

The less time your employees waste on unnecessary work processes or journeys, the less effort your customers have to put in. This reduces costs, maximises turnover and increases satisfaction on both sides.

Digitize and save up to 35% time on site.

Reporting and transparency for service managers

Sustainable success is built on data. With mfr® you have all the data and reports at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

mfr® assists both service managers and employees, whether they are in the office or the field, in making informed decisions, taking targeted actions, and actively accomplishing set goals.

By utilizing data, forward-looking resource planning can be executed, ensuring a balance between resource supply and customer demands.

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Performance sichtbar machen

Mit unserer Software machst du die Performance deines Teams sichtbar und behältst die Leistung jedes Mitarbeiters genau im Blick.
Wenn du jede Kennzahl deines Teams kennst, kannst du dein Team vorausschauend managen.

Everything in one place

All data from mobile devices and the back office are collected in our system and stored in the cloud in a structured way. This allows you to carry out evaluations and analyses and create reports from anywhere.

Real-time data

Speed is crucial: All local and mobile devices that use our software are synchronized with each other in real time. This unique data exchange method enhances your reaction speed and provides a comprehensive view of the status of all work orders.

Unleash your full field service potential.

Technical benefits of mfr®

Safer with the cloud

All data is secured through two-minute backups, redundant data storage, and SSL encryption.
For additional security, users can use a Single Sign-On (SSO) procedure for login.

Interfaces and open API

Use our software as an all-in-one solution or as a mobile field service management solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your ERP or CRM system via our open API. Integrate mfr® into SAP, for example, or connect mfr with many other solutions and workflows via Zapier.

International usability

Do you have an international team? You can use our software and app in 4 languages.

Try it out. It's free.