Smart CMMS Software

Plan and schedule thousands of maintenance appointments efficiently with your customers, all with the touch of a button. For an AI-powered experience, try our CMMS Software.

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Boost success with automated maintenance management

Regular inspections and maintenance ensure the smooth operation of your assets, such as fire and smoke protection doors or air conditioning, heating systems or even wind turbines.
Using mfr maintenance software, you can automate this process entirely, enhancing your efficiency.

More turnover with maintenance

Implement a smart maintenance strategy and service offers with mfr and expand your business.

Reduce costs in a systematic way

Optimize your maintenance processes and reduce downtimes, long journeys and emergencies.

Seamless documentation

Use the app to document and track all inspections, maintenance and data seamlessly on site.

Perform more maintenance with mfr®. Get started now!

All data in one place

As a comprehensive Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), mfr optimizes maintenance planning by offering various interconnected databases for operating sites, products, and maintenance events. These databases can be accessed in separate or linked lists, providing a perfect overview. Plus, you can always track the history of all maintenance work.

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Create your maintenance appointments automatically

You can easily set up a regular maintenance event at the place of use that repeats at a certain interval. You can also specify the start date.

Next, you add a job template for this maintenance type, which already contains the appropriate checklist for your technicians.

You can select which products are to be serviced or checked from the product list linked to the job location.

The job is automatically created at the specified time and can be scheduled either manually or automatically.

This is prioritized by the due date.

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Optimize maintenance planning and scheduling

Inspections and maintenance should be carried out by qualified service technicians.

With A.I. scheduling and route optimization, you can organize appointments and routes based on qualifications, employee availability, location, and the shortest travel time. This ensures that the most suitable employee is always assigned to a maintenance job.
You can also automatically schedule customer appointments via email.
The map view displays all job locations and, through GPS tracking, the live locations of your service technicians.
This feature enables you to respond promptly to emergencies and breakdowns.

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App for service technicians

MFR not only provides efficient maintenance planning but also a comprehensive app for service technicians on smartphones and tablets. When a maintenance appointment is scheduled, the technician receives a notification on their mobile device and can view and manage the maintenance order.

The work order contains all vital information, including occupational safety details and documents such as operating instructions, which can be accessed even offline.

Mobile maintenance documentation

Every inspection and maintenance task should be thoroughly documented to generate maintenance reports, results, and inspection logs.
In the mfr app, all data and measurements can be digitally recorded using mobile checklists. At each step, you have the ability to add and edit an unlimited number of photos.
Documenting defects and ensuring quality can be accomplished easily.
Once completed, a maintenance report can be created on site.

Mobile product database

The entire product database is fully mobile and accessible offline. You can use the app to add new products or update information on existing ones. Additionally, products can be scanned on-site using a barcode for convenience.
This is an easy way to keep all products and data up to date.

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Make maintenance a success