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Project Management Software

mfr® is an innovative cloud software and app that combines project management and field service management. This allows you to plan, monitor, and execute your construction projects efficiently with your team. It eliminates the need for paper, messengers, and media disruptions.

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Exceed your goals with mfr®

Organize, structure and perfect your digital project management. With mfr®, you can eliminate sources of problems and ensure that your employees and colleagues from other trades work together smoothly and are satisfied.

Well-organized projects and construction sites every day

Ensure well-calculated projects, precisely planned resources and clearly defined tasks in just a few steps. Share information with your team immediately. Keep a clear overview of each individual project. Monitor the progress of your projects without stress and get more output on the road with your team.

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Don't worry, be 13% more productive

You lower the risk of errors, reduce distractions and help colleagues in planning and on the construction site to concentrate and give their best.

Bet on 98% better data

Digital data does not disappear, is always visible, is immediately shared with everyone and is reliably recorded thanks to standardized workflows.

And 9% less organizational costs

Save costs through the efficient use of resources, reduced travel distances, less material wastage and work carried out quickly.

Connect office and construction site uniformly

Communication and documentation on construction sites is much smoother and more standardized with mfr®. Lars Blum CEO


The right tools for strong projects

With digital project file

With mfr® Project, you have all project-related information and documents well organized in one place and can access them from anywhere. You can manage quotations, materials, orders, invoices and reports within a project and monitor the project better.

Project steps and tasks in the project board

With mfr® you can organize your projects clearly in the Kanban-style project board.
You can describe each work step and each task in detail, schedule it and assign it to an employee or team. Once they are completed, a tick is added. This means you always have everything in view, even with large projects.

Making complex things simple with mfr®

Project chat & construction diary

mfr® replaces messenger services with a project chat integrated into the app. This means it is always clear which project is involved. Your team can document all work, inspections, reports and defects without any effort. All information, documents and photos are stored in the construction diary in one place and can be managed directly in the project. This ensures uniform construction site communication and comprehensive documentation. Data protection is also guaranteed.

With digital planning board

With good scheduling and route optimization, you not only save time and money, but also ensure that all resources are in the right place at the right time. Project scheduling gives you an overview of all ongoing activities in real time.

Project-related material management and costing

You can add items such as services, materials and costs with current prices directly in the project and create a precise calculation, as well as always keeping an eye on the target and actual status. This makes it easier for you to stay within the scope of your project.

Functions for a smooth project flow


From submission of the offer to the final invoice: with costing, you can calculate the costs of the entire project down to the last cent, plan resources correctly and always keep an eye on all costs and the target/actual comparison.

Mobile documentation

Comprehensive construction site documentation of all trades, from the site manager to the tradesman: this working basis documents the entire project in writing and in pictures and is constantly updated.

Digital time recording and time clock

Digital and mobile time recording is just a click away. This doesn't involve any additional effort for your employees, you have an overview of all working times and legal requirements are met at the same time.

Synchronization in real time

Multiple dispatchers can easily work on one calendar. Schedule adjustments are updated in real time and you can see immediately when a job has been viewed, started, canceled or completed by the technician.


Use your strong network: Schedule subcontractors or external technicians for jobs. Such a close partnership guarantees customer satisfaction.


Plan appointments, illnesses and vacations clearly in the calendar.

Technical advantages of mfr®

Work more easily via cloud

Working via cloud and with online tools is more structured and easier than with on-premise solutions. Duplicate data and documents are avoided. Information can be found more quickly. All employees have access to documents and information, work together in real time and recurring tasks can be automated.

Interfaces and open API

Use our software as an all-in-one solution or as a mobile field service management solution that you can seamlessly integrate into your ERP or CRM system via our open API. Integrate mfr® into HubSpot or lexoffice, for example, or connect it to over 5000 other web applications via Zapier.

International applicability

Do you have international teams? You can use our software and app in 8 languages.

Learn more about the benefits of online project management from one of our solution experts.