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With mfr® Office, you can create quotes and invoices faster and on the go. Connect processes, simplify workflows and create digital processes from quotation to invoicing.

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Make mfr® your all-in-one software & app

Organize, connect and automate your core processes with the mfr® Office extension for mfr® Field Service and mfr® Project, from quotation to order execution to invoicing, all in one solution.

Set standards, create clarity

Create comprehensive and error-free quotes and invoices with just a few clicks and send them to your customers immediately.
In our modern editors, you can create, structure and move items with sets, titles and lots. You can use our integrated CRM and ERP functions to access your up-to-date master data and item databases (also via IDS/UGL/KlarPris).
This simplifies or completely automates many steps.

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Increase the satisfaction of your customers

Show your customers how structured and orderly your processes are with quick and perfect quotations and invoices. This increases satisfaction and trust.

Replace chaos with order

Eliminate sources of problems such as incomplete documentation and missing proof of performance in invoicing.

Rely on your digital processes

With mfr®, all processes interlock, information is exchanged reliably and collaboration and communication work. You can rely on it.

Connect your core processes uniformly

We now issue invoices as soon as the work is completed. And it only takes a few clicks. Carl Tensing Service manager

Hückstädt GmbH

Prepare bookkeeping with DATEV Online and mfr®

Only a few have it: The interface to DATEV Online.

The right tools for your office

Making complex things simple with mfr®

Functions for a smooth project flow


From submission of the offer to the final invoice: with costing, you can calculate the costs of the entire project down to the last cent, plan resources correctly and always keep an eye on all costs and the target/actual comparison.

Mobile documentation

Comprehensive construction site documentation of all trades from the site manager to the tradesman - with this working basis, the entire project is documented in writing and pictures and continuously updated.

Digital time recording and time clock

Digital and mobile time recording is just a click away. This involves no effort for your employees, you have an overview of all working times and legal requirements are met at the same time.

Synchronization in real time

Several dispatchers can easily work on one calendar. Schedule adjustments are updated in real time and you can see immediately when a job has been viewed, started, canceled or completed by the technician.


Use your strong network: Schedule subcontractors or external technicians for jobs. Such a close partnership guarantees customer satisfaction.


You can plan appointments, illnesses and vacations clearly in the calendar.

Technical advantages of mfr®

Implementing digital transformation in a structured way

Work not only digitally, but also networked. Avoid duplicate data (data silos) and documents via the cloud and with online tools. Information is easier to maintain and share. All employees have access to documents and information, work together in real time and recurring tasks can be automated.

Interfaces and open API

NutzUse our software as an all-in-one solution or individually as a tool for mobile field service management or project planning, which can be seamlessly integrated into your ERP or CRM system via our open API. Integrate mfr® into Hutspot, for example, or connect mfr® to over 5000 other web applications via Zapier. The connection to your wholesalers is also already integrated via IDS and UGL.

International applicability

Do you have an international team? You can use our software and app in 8 languages.

Learn more about the benefits of mfr® Office from one of our solution experts.