Technicians Spinach

Technicians Ideal Spinach For Higher Productivity

Many will know it from their own experience: a supportive and positive environment can increase employee productivity, while a stressful and uncoordinated atmosphere reduces employee motivation. 

If there is a lot of work to be done, it is easy to lose sight of this factor, because continuous implementation costs time and energy. But the investment pays off in the end, because satisfied employees do their work faster and better. 

We have summarized 6 aspects of how a positive working atmosphere can be implemented with little effort:


1. Establishing clear processes and relieving dispatchers and technicians

Many of the same daily tasks can be automated. In the office, this includes, for example, scheduling and preparing all information for the technicians or a proper inventory management. If the technicians have everything they need reliably on their mobile devices and in their transporter, they can concentrate better on their actual tasks. With an app they can document their work and the material used and save themselves post-processing. It also helps office staff to invoice more quickly.

Tools: automated resource planning, route optimization, mobile warehouse, dynamic checklists


2. Competitive through innovation

Hard times to find skilled employees? Nobody wants to work in a company where time has stood still. If your employees have to work with old computers and a lot of paper, it's time to do something about it. The bottom line is that it costs you more not to innovate. Because what worries you, such as high losses due to missing material, can be easily solved. Progressiveness is attractive for potential and current employees.

Tools: up-to-date computers and software, apps, tablets or smartphones


3. Appreciation of performance and motivation:

Your technicians are performing well and moving your business forward? Show your appreciation so that your employees know that they are on the right track. Nothing is more frustrating than doing your best and being ignored.
If the implementation does not yet fit, motivate your employees to personal and professional development goals and provide them with a tool with which they can assess their own performance. Everyone wants to be good at what they do.

Tools: time tracking, statistics, GPS tracking


4. Support the development of your employees:

Education and training courses are important investments. Give your employees the opportunity to develop themselves. This not only gives you more qualified personnel, but also increases satisfaction and loyalty.


5. Masters, not Minions:

Recognition and high standards also demand professionalism. Not everyone wants to and can be a master of what they do, but everyone should have the opportunity to develop into a professional.


6. Only satisfied, motivated and good people make a good company.

What is green and brings instant strength? Of course mfr!

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