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Ensure your business success with the mfr Service BASE.

One of the most complex tasks in a service company is to organize a team of technicians. Due to the many variables, it takes time and accuracy to keep track of all unforeseen changes that may occur at any time. 
This can quickly lead to the feeling of not having control or not having enough control, which can be nerve-wracking and bad for business in the long run.
That's why we support you with a strong base that secures your business success.

Below you will find the 4 parts of the mfr Service BASE that helps you to take back full control of your business, no matter if it’s small or big.
We’ve created the Service BASE to make important processes more differentiated and comprehensible.


1. FOX | Data Management


Focus on Knowledge, competence and information to build up the base of your field service management.

  • Prepare and manage your work orders, documents and assets.
  • Build up a history for customers and objects 
  • Use our interface to your CRM or ERP
  • Get structure in every detail


2. HIVE | Resource Management


Make the organization, scheduling and dispatching as efficient as possible.

  • Guide your workforce (internal / external Technicians)
  • Find the best technician for a job with skill matching
  • Find the nearest technician with route optimization
  • Manage and schedule equipment and items with our mobile warehouse
  • Prevent downtimes and increase the first-time fix rate
  • Speed up the dispatching process 
  • Make dispatcher and technicians more productive 


3. MOBILE | Mobile Field Service


Deliver the best customer service with outstanding work, reporting and communication.
Our app is the perfect companion for service technicians & engineers.

  • Simple job overview, navigation and time tracking
  • Dynamic checklists and on-the-go reports
  • It works offline and you can always document the quality of your work tidily.
  • Important documents are always accessible
  • Deliver perfect installation, repair or maintenance
  • Make your customers happy


4. FALCON | Data Control


Analytics & predictment because perfection is a fair goal.

  • Start with field service analytics
  • Observe, measure and analyze your KPI’s
  • Identify where improvements in processes and workflows are possible and simply save costs


mfr is the best solution for your field service management and to streamline the communication between your dispatchers, service technicians and customers.
You can rely on mfr to present your services optimally and to take responsibility for your future.

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