Save your piggy base

Using the wrong tools costs you?

Using the wrong tools costs you?

mfr flexibly combines all the processes of your field service team in one tool.


Cloud & Everything Offline

Cloud-based backup saves time, avoids larger investments and the need to recruit third-party experts. The lowering of the numbers of servers, the software expense, and the staff personnel can significantly reduce IT costs without negatively affecting an organization’s IT capabilities. Streamline teamwork collaboration, which allows data to be shared, accessed and edited from anywhere. Updates are visible in real-time and are seen by all teammates.

And the best thing: the mfr App works just as perfectly offline. Our advanced synchronization system takes care of it.


GPS-Tracking & Route Optimization

Stay informed on your technicians’ vehicles with real-time notifications & alerts!

Dispatcher can see the technician’s vehicle live on Google Maps with an accuracy of Google maps. Mobile notifications are very useful. For the substantial places like home, garage, warehouse etc., a notification on mobile can be of great use that confirms the arrival or departure of technician’s vehicle. 


Mobile Warehouse

Manage your parts, control your mobile stock and track each object. Let your technicians order what they need within the mfr App. In conclusion, that can greatly reduce errors, improve efficiency and save money the easy way.


Time Tracking

You can differentiate between company hours, working hours and breaks. And you can record the times of projects and teams.


Push notification & real time synchronization

New work order? New message? Or an important change? Get it in real-time as a push notification on your mobile device.


External Technicians & Subcontractors

Avoid overloading and downtimes by submitting jobs and checklists to external technicians or subcontractors. Manage them as easily as your own tehcnicians.


Customer notification

Keep your customers up to date on appointments and finished jobs.


Dynamic Checklist & Reports

The dynamic checklist keeps your technicians on the track and make sure that the task they have to do is done completely. The order and reports can be represented accurately.



With recurring maintenance, the software can automatically create a job within a set timeframe and suggest which date and which internal or external technician is the best fit for the job. The automatically created job goes to the job stack, and the dispatcher can schedule it. And with drag and drop, he can assign the job to the nearest technician who meets all criteria. 


…Money & time saving

mfr puts the interface between your dispatcher and service technicians completely on digital feet. From dispatching through communication to documentation. This allows you to focus on what is really important: building and running your business.

mfr -your field service management software

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