mfr field service

Field Service Management

Control your customer service and resources digitally via the cloud.

Planning, controlling, communicating and growing together.

Give your processes the digital boost.

  • Route optimization

    Plan tours efficiently. mfr supports you in manually or automatically assigning an order to the best technician.

  • Drag & Drop planning

    Drag a job from the stack into a technician's timeline or move a job.

  • Digital service reports

    Impress your customers with an individual PDF report. Reports can also be created on site and sent to your customers by e-mail.

  • Time tracking

    Need time tracking? With mfr time tracking is super easy with the app or in the portal.

  • Warehouse management

    From ordering materials, mobile stock replenishment, to accurate tracking of materials and tools, mfr offers you everything you need.

Give your processes the digital boost

Good resource planning makes the difference. You can use the time that mfr saves you meaningfully. Become the hero of the day with your customers by reliably meeting deadlines and punctuality.

For the office

For the office

Efficient resource planning

The more efficiently dispatchers organize the scheduling of internal and external service technicians & fitters and vehicles, the smoother your technical customer service can be provided.

Better control

Our web portal also allows a precise control of the mobile stock of materials and tools, machines or maintenance contracts.

Mobile App

App for technicians

With a mobile app, your field service is always perfectly prepared for an assignment.
By connecting the office and the technician on duty, everyone is always at the same information level.

The intuitive design of the app ensures uncomplicated time recording and documentation.
With the offline function, the technician has a tool he can always work with - no matter what.

More about the App

Google play mfr App Link
Appstore mfr App Link

For managers

Dashboard & Analytics

Control your performance with the mfr dashboard, work through your ToDo's or see at a glance what your team is doing.

Integration into your existing system

Use our manual standard interfaces via UGL Import / Export, XML and Excel or ask us for an interface to your current system.

mfr enables us to optimally organize and seamlessly document our extremely complex start-ups. Heiko Kießling Service Manager


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