Better Work Order Management

mfr® assists service companies in structured management, efficient planning, and calculation of orders and projects. It also promotes the optimal use of resources. By managing your orders via the app, you can ensure your company's growth.

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Make better use of resources

Avoid planning and resource bottlenecks by accurately assessing demand, scheduling effectively, and using capacities strategically. This approach also allows for flexible compensation in the event of failures and emergencies.

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Track everything in real time

Thanks to cloud technology, all office and field employees—as well as their information—are connected in real time. Consequently, workload and order status are consistently visible.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Your customers are more satisfied when they receive accurate offers and information, and when your orders are kept on time and on schedule.

The simplest and most efficient software for your work order management

Keep your orders and projects perfectly under control.

mfr® provides a powerful order management tool that optimizes your workflow. Our advanced software allows for quick and easy order management, freeing up your time for other tasks.

Through the innovative structure of all master data integrated into the CRM system of mfr®, you can manage, find, and control all order-related information more clearly.

With mfr®, you can create orders and projects of all types online or in the app. Simplify your order entry and save time with templates, along with automated maintenance events and recurring orders.

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Online job planning & scheduling in the mfr® software

Our software swiftly manages project planning and order management. In a few steps, you can create an order in mfr directly from the offer or in the deployment planning calendar.

  • All master data is always updated, automatically transferred, and neatly organized and linked.
  • The item database allows you to add planned services, tools, and materials with current prices via an interface to the wholesaler or KlarPris (Datanorm), including a calculation.
  • Checklists are used to add work steps and tasks for customer service.
  • Documents such as plans, manuals, or safety instructions can also be included.
  • Time specifications play a crucial role in your capacity management.
  • The right employee can be quickly identified and assigned using AI and the planning tool.
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Mobile job execution

When you schedule a job, it immediately appears in the iOS or Android App on the assigned employee's smartphone or tablet. This provides the employee with all necessary information and documents, allowing them to start work and efficiently complete the checklist. They can record data, note consumed materials, and document all steps with photos.

Upon completion, the customer receives a clear report for review and digital signature. The job is then marked as completed and synchronized with the office in real time.

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Job monitoring and overview

Completed orders include data such as detailed time tracking, checklist information and photos, used materials with current prices, and the customer's signature.

These details can be reviewed before closing the order. There's no need to wait a long time to invoice for completed work. With the online invoicing program, you can create a detailed invoice from this data and send it directly to the customer.

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