Simple digital time tracking with mfr®

With mfr, you integrate the most professional digital time recording in companies - clear, automated, mobile and absolutely legally compliant.

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Record working times digitally and on the move - anytime, anywhere

With mfr® time recording software, you can easily record your employees' working hours online on your desktop or from any mobile device. You can easily meet all legal requirements, comply with documentation obligations and keep track of all services and costs at all times.

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Control time tracking in real time

Our software supports you in bringing more order and transparency to your processes and structuring them efficiently.

  • Set predefined time targets and maximum working hours
  • Set break and rest time requirements
  • Keep track of vacation days and absences
  • Record overtime and special working hours
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Mobile time recording via app

In the iOS or Android app, technicians and tradespeople record their working time on the move, automatically or manually - even offline. The multi-layered and structured recording of times such as working time, order time, break times and travel times has many advantages for trade businesses and service providers.

  • Proof of working time performance is reliably documented
  • Legal requirements are fulfilled
  • Working times are immediately available for invoicing and payroll accounting thanks to cloud synchronization
Become a successful working time manager

Evaluating and analyzing data digitally

Digital time recording is not only important from a legal perspective, but also for controlling and optimizing your company processes.

Detailed time recording allows you to evaluate the performance of your employees: create charts, compare data and compile statistics and reports. You can also export all the data to xls, DATEV, PDF or csv.

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