Digital checklists and forms

Build your forms, checklists and protocols as you need them - with our simple construction kit. Whether 5 or 1000 steps, your technicians can work through everything clearly in the app, including task descriptions and photo documentation.

Image: Digital checklists and forms

The benefit of checklists

In task management, checklists are the key to more productive field staff. They form the basis for your digital service reports and a quick invoicing. Use checklists to precisely control your technicians' work. Provide clear task lists and descriptions as well as a clear structure for all types of logs, service reports, and performance records.


Create tasks and checklists online

mfr® has what other solutions don't: the simplest and most comprehensive checklist editor. A clear user interfaceallows you to effortlessly create simple or complex lists with hundreds of steps. There are no limits to what you can do.


Save each technician 1 to 3 hours per day by eliminating tasks that do not add value.

Mobile documentation

The tasks and work instructions are included in the order, which appears immediately in the App on the mobile device of the technician after scheduling. Each step and each to-do can be precisely specified and described. In this way, you ensure that all data, values and parameters, asset and device metrics as well as used materials and articles are exactly recorded and documented. Once all steps have been filled out, ticked off or marked with "post-processing necessary", the customer immediately has a digital interim report of all services, which he checks and signs digitally.


All data in the office in no time

All completed work will sync with the software, allowing the internal service to review and approve it for invoice issuance. The final service report, provided as a PDF file, is generated from the completed checklist.

One unique feature is that entries in a checklist appear in real time on the portal. This allows for collaborative analysis of a photo if issues arise.

Intrigued? You can try our demo version.