The app for more productivity

Ensure that all orders, information and materials always reach your service technicians on time and increase productivity on site with the mfr app. Even offline.

Offer the best service on site

The mobile solution plays a crucial role in managing your field service efficiently and in line with demand.

The robust Field Service Management app from mfr® simplifies daily tasks for your technicians using smartphones or tablets. It also facilitates communication with customers and colleagues.

All crucial customer data (CRM) and resources (ERP) are stored in the app, providing your technicians with access to vital information at all times, even when offline!

The app offers access to customer and product history, checklists, documents, spare parts availability, and order location at any given time.

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Increase first-time fix rate

When work is completed quickly and on the first attempt, you save money and your technicians can focus on more jobs.

Higher safety

Technicians have continuous access to health and safety information and documents. If any issues occur at a work site, they can record them in the app and send them to the office for evaluation.

On-site service report

Service technicians save valuable time by generating service reports with digital customer signatures on site and sending them to the customer by email.

Clear and standardized processes in field service

Unlock the full potential of your technicians with the mfr® app. With transparent workflows and precisely defined tasks, you can increase the productivity and reliability of your service technicians.

You can use checklists to specify transparent and standardized workflows. This creates clarity in collaboration. Whether it's maintenance, emergency service, installation, or stocktaking: mfr® enables you to digitally document a wide variety of job types on the go. For emergencies, installations, maintenance, and repairs, this enhances the work pace and the success rate of completing tasks on the first attempt.

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Fewer errors

Clear work specifications and transparent processes help prevent errors. Consequently, tasks are completed more efficiently and effectively.

Helpful tool

Communication, complete data capture and order processing must be quick and easy. Our app is intuitive to use, can be used immediately and makes work easier. Reports no longer need to be reworked by the technician.

Information in real time

Thanks to continuous connectivity, each employee's performance can be monitored in real time.

The app sends notifications about new information to the technician in real time.

Improve communication and competence

In the chat, colleagues share important information and collaborate to solve issues. This immediate communication saves time and allows them to address challenges as they emerge, ensuring tasks are completed more reliably and swiftly.

Technicians and office staff alike have real-time access to all data, which allows for live tracking of order status and technician location. This feature enables precise communication with customers regarding technician arrival times. Moreover, mobile data can be quickly evaluated or utilized for swift invoicing.


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Checklists and documentation

Task descriptions and instructions are outlined in checklists. The service technician records data accurately, documents the condition with photos, and can add materials. The relevant items, including customer-specific prices, are automatically compared in the database. The technician also has the ability to record and update product data. They can even generate the invoice on-site. The office then reviews the invoice before sending it to the customer. The use of text modules expedites the invoicing process.

mfr saves us time every day because my technicians have all their tasks on their iPads every morning and they no longer have to rework their reports. Lars Blum Lars Blum CEO

Save your technicians up to 1 hour of time every day

These functions make the app a useful tool

Knowledge database

All important documents can be found in the app's knowledge database. Whether online or offline, technicians have access to customer information, product data, plans, documents, safety data sheets (SDS), and information on environment, health, and safety (EHS).

Mobile time tracking

Time tracking doesn't have to be a complicated process. Technicians can effortlessly log work, breaks, and travel times using the app. With the additional "GPS tracking and logbook" function, travel times can be automatically documented.

Order overview

Obtain a structured overview of all pending and completed orders. You can also create products, orders, or follow-up orders within the app. The map view provides integrated navigation and displays order locations. Additionally, a calendar view is available for dependable planning.

Order stack

Using the order stack, your employees can schedule their own tasks during their free time. The job stack only displays tasks that match the qualifications of each employee.

Digital service reports

Once work is completed, service reports can be conveniently created directly in the app and sent via email. Both customers and technicians can sign digitally, making the process quick and binding for both parties.

Offline function

Thanks to the offline functionality, tasks can be completed seamlessly even without a mobile network. Technicians capture data as they usually would. Once reception is regained, the data is synchronized either automatically or manually, based on the settings.

Technical advantages of the app

Easy to use

The app is quickly installed on any mobile device and can be used immediately by employees.

Flexibly scalable

Whether you have 5 or 500 technicians or craftsmen working in the field: mfr® offers the right functions and workflows for any size of company.

Available in 8 languages

Do you have several locations or employees with different nationalities? Simply set the mfr® app to different languages.

Download the app to your smartphone or tablet