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Transparency Between Trades

How do you integrate software without causing discontent among the employees?

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shorter billing times


Delay in documentation


less dissatisfaction

The initial situation

The challenges

  • Transfer information between trades
  • Coordinate teams nationwide
  • Accelerate billing

Jörg Schwerdtner, Head of Operations at vitronet Projekte GmbH, has little time to catch his breath. After all, the current German government (as of December 2023) has set itself the goal of achieving nationwide expansion with gigabit networks throughout Germany by 2025. The annual results of the vitronet Group read like superlatives: over 10,000 km of fiber optic cable laid, over 50,000 households connected, over 250,000 home passes created.

Jörg Schwerdtner achieves this with over 65 employees in the field team for cable pulling and cable installation. Ten others take care of planning and scheduling.

Now his department is not alone in the field. It has to coordinate closely with the other areas of the vitronet Group, including general planning and civil engineering, which carry out upstream or downstream work. This requires a high degree of knowledge transfer and transparency.

In the past, the paper-based and often handwritten transfer of information repeatedly led to bottlenecks and ambiguities. The documentation of work on site was usually done using analogue media and was only digitized at the end of the working week. As a result, the documentation was spread across several platforms, which made consolidation for invoicing more difficult and delayed.

"In the past, there were many knowledge silos in our company, which prevented everyone from being equally informed about a project. A lot of information about the process and the results was lost due to the analogue approach. We also couldn't evaluate the history in a timely manner to optimize future planning." Jörg Schwerdtner, Head of Operations at vitronet Projekte GmbH

The solution approach with mfr®

The Arguments

  • Best GUI on the market
  • Easy integration into the existing IT
  • Transparency in documentation

Jörg Schwerdtner knows from experience what good cloud-based, mobile software needs to achieve. After all, he was responsible for partner management at an international software-as-a-service (SaaS) company for over 10 years. So when vitronet started looking for a digitalization solution in 2021, he was able to define from scratch what the software had to offer.

His focus was not on trying to find the proverbial "jack of all trades". Instead, he concentrated on the basic architecture of the software and its manageability. After all, the solution should potentially also work for other trades.

And in a diverse corporation - the vitronet Group - with over 2,700 employees from over 30 countries and all age groups, who work at more than 40 locations, simplicity and accessibility of the software are crucial for acceptance and efficiency.

Three reasons have therefore particularly convinced vitronet of mfr:

  1. The clear, intuitive interface where all employees can quickly find their way around.
  2. Open interfaces to the relevant other software solutions in the company, so that the entire IT does not have to be rebuilt. mfr enables the integration of over 6,000 common programs and apps with the interface to the Zapier platform.
  3. Easy import and export of order information creates transparency and knowledge transfer between the trades.

"mfr provides a very good and stable framework for digital order processing. And through the existing interfaces, we have created an ecosystem that is precisely tailored to our needs". Jörg Schwerdtner, Head of Operations at vitronet Projekte GmbH

Thus, the teams "Civil Engineering", "Assembly" and "Cable Pulling" can exchange all order data between the various systems via SQL without any problems. The time recording in mfr is exported directly to the master system for invoicing. And for the management reports, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are exported from mfr and integrated into the Power BI Dashboard.

"In mfr, I have found the best user interface on the market for my company. For my employees, working with the software is child's play". Jörg Schwerdtner, Head of Operations at vitronet Projekte GmbH

The Gain

The Successes

  • Complete order transparency
  • Faster invoicing
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Since May 2022, mfr has been used by the cable pulling and cable assembly team.

The vitronet Projekte GmbH uses the cloud-based software for the entire process of order processing for disruptions and projects: from order receipt through qualification and deployment planning to on-site order processing and the completion of the order.

Documentation on the construction site takes place in real time without delay. Thanks to mobile documentation, all work protocols are now centrally available in the system. These can be specifically searched upon request or merged into a complete history in order to be able to better project follow-up orders. This has improved both the coordination between the trades and the transparency inward and outward.

And where there used to be a significant delay between completion and invoicing, today there is a day between construction and billing. It is currently being checked internally whether mfr can also be used in the other trades.

"Through mfr, I have a daily overview of what the teams are doing nationwide in Germany. And we can serve our customers much more transparently and professionally." Jörg Schwerdtner, Head of Operations at vitronet Projekte GmbH

Do you also want to get your company off to a digital start? Matthias will show you how mfr® can support you.